Marc and Stacey-lee

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Our Story

Our love story started in 2012 and at the time we weren’t quite sure where our relationship was heading. We grew from strength to strength and as the years went by we learnt so much about each other’s values and qualities. Not long into our relationship our lives meshed together and soon we shared interests and the love for each other’s friends and families.

We spent a year of our relationship living in different parts of the country which was our biggest challenge, but we realised that no matter where we are in the world as long as we’re together, we’re home!

There’s no doubt that we’ve struggled through tough times together but what we admire the most about each other, is what a strong and determined team we make. We bought our very first house and together made this our perfect home, along with, a few other very grown up decisions!

We can’t wait to become husband and wife and continue making many more amazing memories together!

Petra Kern